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High Visibility Welding Gloves With Reflective Strip Heat and Fire Resistant Reflective Cut Resistant Safety Gloves

KimYuan gloves for mechancial engineering, building construction, welding, auto assembling, and warehousing businesses. We have successfully managed every process needed for excellent safety gloves in-house, so we can offer better and consistent quality safety gloves with confidence.


Kim Yuan industrial construction safety work EN388 palm PU coated non-slip wear-resistant cut-resistant gloves

KIM YUAN latex coated palm offers great puncture, abrasion resistance and blade cut resistance, while offering excellent tactile sensitivity. Cut-resistant fabrics are those that can withstand slashing or cutting action. These textile products protect the wearer from accidents and occupational hazards. The cut protection is provided by high performance materials, our gloves are made of level 5 cut resistant shell plus excellent grip latex coating abrasion protection ideal for construction, trimming trees, cutting glass and so on.


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