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Welding Gloves Heat Resistant Perfect for Cooking/Baking/Fireplace/Animal Handling/BBQ

KimYuan gloves for baking, fireplace, animal handling, barbecue, cooking and warehousing businesses. We have successfully managed every process needed for excellent safety gloves in-house, so we can offer better and consistent quality safety gloves with confidence.


Kim Yuan Extreme Heat & Fire Resistant Gloves Cowhide Leather with Kevlar Stitching, Perfect for Welding, BBQ, Oven, Grill, Fireplace, Animal Handling 16in up to 932°F

Upgrade KIM YUAN extreme heat & fire resistant leather gloves with Kevlar stitching, which is high temperature resistance up to 932°F. This glove is an upgraded version made on 017. In addition to cotton and denim, an extra layer of aluminum foil is added inside the glove. Gloves & Mitts perfect for Welding, BBQ, Pot Holder, Oven, Grill, Animal Handling, Fireplace etc. Choose welding gloves according to your working environment. For example, welders need thicker and longer welding gloves, which can prevent splashes from being scalded and protect your hands.


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