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Welding Gloves Heat Resistant Perfect for Cooking/Baking/Fireplace/Animal Handling/BBQ

KimYuan gloves for baking, fireplace, animal handling, barbecue, cooking and warehousing businesses. We have successfully managed every process needed for excellent safety gloves in-house, so we can offer better and consistent quality safety gloves with confidence.


Good Quality Factory Directly Long Brown Cow Split Layer Welding Gloves for Welder's Hand Protection

Are you looking for a welding gloves? The overall design of KIM YUAN tig welding gloves is made of white velvet, denim and aluminum foil. Kim Yuan is our own brand which offer double reinforced Leather、Kevlar stitching on palms on our new arrivals welding gloves, this excellent design make our welding gloves being the most extreme heat resistant gloves on the market. Choose suitable welding gloves according to your working environment. Thicker and longer welding gloves can effectively prevent splashes from splashing and protect the safety of your hands. Kim Yuan is committed to providing every worker with high-quality, safe and secure personal protective safety gloves.


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