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What should I pay attention to when using labor protection gloves?

July 14, 2022246 Viewskimyuan

We all know that labor insurance gloves are a kind of equipment used to ensure the safety of everyone’s arms.

Maybe you can ask:

Why is it called labor protection gloves?

Does it have a function that other rubber gloves do not have?

Yes, it can often be worthy of this name, because of its unique safety protection effect, and this The effect is that other general rubber gloves do not have. Different types of cut-resistant gloves work differently, so they are used in different places. Because of its unique characteristics, we should take corresponding safeguard measures in the case of application, otherwise it will not have the safety protection function it should have, and it is no different from other general rubber gloves. Because the security protection features are very special for it, we should pay attention to the following aspects when purchasing and applying:

  1. 1. You can choose the right rubber gloves according to the size of your hands: you can’t choose too small rubber gloves, because if you choose rubber gloves that are smaller than your arms, when you wear them, you will feel The arm is very tight, and at the same time, it also seriously affects the circulation of goods in the bloody night of everyone’s arm; but you can’t choose a large rubber glove. If the rubber glove is too large, then everyone will feel very inconvenient to work. , and the rubber gloves are also very, very easy to fall from the hand.
  2. 2. Everyone needs to choose the right rubber gloves according to their own work. Different rubber gloves have a variety of safety protection functions, and only if they are selected according to the special circumstances encountered in their own office environment, there will be no unnecessary risks.
  3. 3. No matter what kind of rubber gloves you use, you should check them in detail. Once you find that they are damaged, you should replace them immediately. If you find that it has been damaged, but you are not willing to replace it, then you should put other sand cloth gloves or leather gloves on it, and everything can be used normally.
  4. 4. If you choose these gloves made of rubber, then the tone should be very symmetrical, and part of the palm should be thicker, but the thickness of the other part should be the same. And if its surface is relatively smooth. More importantly, all the damage has not occurred on the top of this type of rubber gloves, otherwise it can no longer be used.
  5. 5. If you choose these rubber gloves made of vulcanized rubber, then you can’t let them touch acid and other chemicals for a long time. At the same time, you should pay attention that you can’t let such sharp objects touch it.
  6. 6. No matter what kind of rubber gloves you use, you should provide corresponding inspections on time. If you find damage, you should take corresponding countermeasures.
  7. 7. When working, put the sleeves into the mouth of the system to prevent accidents.
  8. 8. After application, the internal and external dust should be wiped clean. After drying, sprinkle light calcium powder and place it unevenly to prevent damage. Do not place it on the ground.
  9. 9. During transportation and storage, it should not be in contact with oil, strong acid, strong alkali or other chemical substances with corrosive physical properties, and 1M away from the heat source, in dry natural ventilation -15 degrees ~ 30 degrees, air humidity 50 ~80% stored in the warehouse.
  10. 10. Be sure to carry out a retest of the withstand voltage characteristics every 6 months.

The supply of relatively light net weight and multi-category yardage further enhances its sensitivity;

Textured surface helps to grip objects;

In cotton wool knitwear, the wide sleeves are more comfortable for people working in a natural nvironment with high humidity;