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How to Look for a BBQ Glove

July 18, 202394 ViewsKimYuan

Do you love spending time outdoors cooking up a storm on the grill? If so, you know that picking suitable BBQ gloves is essential to enjoying your cookout. There are many factors to consider when choosing the perfect pair of gloves for cooking, such as heat resistance and grip.

Let us will discuss four key factors to look for while choosing BBQ gloves. Stay safe, and enjoy your cookout!


1. Heat Resistance

Priority #1: make sure your BBQ gloves can stand up to high heat, otherwise, you’re better off with no gloves. You want to be grilling your food, not your hands, so it’s best to find heat resistant BBQ gloves that can withstand the high heat that smokers and grills emit.


2. Dexterity

Depending on how you use your gloves, dexterity can be an important factor to consider. If you’re more hands-on with your barbecuing, then be sure to find a BBQ glove that offers you greater dexterity.


3. Cuff Length

BBQ gloves require longer cuffs to protect your wrist and arm from the heat. BBQ gloves will have different cuff lengths with some going up to your elbow! If you have a larger grill or smoker or cooking over an open flame, then a BBQ glove with a longer cuff is recommended to protect your arm when reaching over the heat.

4. Food Handling

As mentioned above in the types of BBQ gloves, not all gloves can handle food well. If you intend to directly handle food a lot when barbecuing, consider synthetic or silicone gloves, which are much easier to clean compared to fabric and leather gloves.


5. Price

Be wary of cheap BBQ gloves – cheaper gloves might not offer the strong heat protection that you need or the best dexterity, comfortability, and durability. It’s worth investing in better BBQ gloves that can assure you long-lasting protection. Your hands are always worth protecting, especially when handling high heat from a smoker or grill.

5.5 Material

5.5? Yes, if you’ve taken the time to work through points 1 to 5 your glove’s material should be a no-brainer!