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Focus on Personal Protective Gloves

A good pair of welding gloves is a must when welding.

July 18, 202388 ViewsKimYuan

WIA’s safety range includes premium quality MIG welding gloves. Our welding gloves are made from premium quality leather and are sewn with heat resistant Kevlar thread for heavy duty applications.

Our welding gloves are designed to be comfortable. Comfort is very important when selecting welding gloves, especially considering welders often work for hours at a time. To give added comfort, our welding gloves are fully lined and have welted seams, a reinforced palm and a thumb and knuckle guard.

These welding gloves are made from genuine leather and are highly heat resistant and durable. These welding gloves offer excellent heat insulation and fireproof protection to your hands. They come with a soft sweat absorbent cotton inside and denim cuffs which helps withstand temperatures beginning from 662 °F(350°C). They are puncture resistance, cut resistance, and moderate oil resistance so that you can enjoy safe and highly efficient work. They’re equipped with reinforced palms to cushion hands when working with heavy weight or sharp objects which ensures that your hands remain fully protected from all sorts of damages.