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Black Friday Good Things to Buy List

November 23, 2022224 ViewsKimYuan

Black Friday refers specifically to the shopping mall sale on the fourth Friday of November in the United States. The fourth Thursday in November is Thanksgiving every year, so its second day is also the first day of the American Big Purchase. On this day, malls in the US launch a large number of discounts and special offers, and at the end of the year there is a final large-scale promotion.

Claims about the origin of Black Friday?

The Friday after Thanksgiving was named {Black Friday} in the 1960s, and the {black} in Black Friday refers to the store’s turning from loss to profit. At the time, the ledger was handwritten, with deficits recorded in red pen and profits recorded in black. The frenzy of buying on the Friday after Thanksgiving has greatly increased the profits of the mall, so it is called Black Friday by merchants. Merchants expect to make a profit on this day.

When does Black Friday start?

Tips: Black Friday falls on November 25 in 2022-the fourth Friday in November.

Discounts at the store generally start at midnight (i.e. Friday midnight) after Thanksgiving and start the day after Thanksgiving. One of the origins of “Black Friday” is that a group of people in the black press go to the mall to line up to shop. There is a very figurative term for this behavior called “Early Bird”.

Good Things to Buy List

1. Comprehensive e-commerce platforms such as eBay and Amazon. With a wide range of categories, you can buy most of what you want.

2. Skincare and beauty platforms such as skinstore, beautylish and FragranceNet Chinese network. A comperhensive shopping site for beauty and skincare, where you can buy many big-name beauty brands, perfumes and much more.

3. Apparel, footwear and bag shopping platforms such as Shopbop, ASOS and Ashford. Here you can buy a lot of designer brands. Ashford watch discount website, if you want to buy a watch you can take advantage of the Black Friday, the discount is strong.

4. Nutraceutical websites such as Vitacost. Products include vitamins, personal care products, health care products and other categories.


With Black Friday, a wave of shopping is also coming, before that, you can do a good discount strategy, address information in advance, remember to buy to avoid grabbing.

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