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  • Finance DirectorView More

    ShenzhenFinance DepartmentBachelor’s degree or above3 years working experience

    Job Description

    1、Approve employee reimbursements and expenses, register such as daily vouchers, incoming and outgoing sales documents, etc.
    2、Coordinate the management of company funds, pay VAT monthly and submit corporate income tax quarterly.
    3、To have a complete understanding of the company’s financial situation and capital movements, and to assist business managers with other tasks.
    4、Writing financial statements.

  • Front-end OptimizerView More

    ShenzhenTechnical DepartmentBachelor’s degree or aboveMore than five years of work experience

    Job Description

    1、More than five years of front-end development experience, proficient in HTML5/JavaScript/CSS3 and other web development technologies.
    2、Good understanding of Web standards, compatible with various browsers, adaptive scaling for each size of screen terminal, etc.
    3、Some relevant practice on performance optimization of web frontend and common web vulnerabilities.
    4、Back-end development experience is preferred (e.g. nodejs or php).