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Focus on Personal Protective Gloves


July 11, 2022266 Viewskimyuan

Standardized testing holds PPE providers responsible for correctly classifying product features and performance ratings to meet industry standards. The CE mark can simply be described as an official seal of approval to sell products within the European Union.

The CE mark also makes a statement to consumers, safety professionals, and purchasers that the product meets industry and consumer PPE requirements. When it comes to work gloves for mechanical risks and industrial applications, CE standard EN 388: 2016 measures the ability of the glove to protect working hands against abrasions, lacerations, tearing, punctures, and impact injuries.

Each test produces a performance rating based on progressive protection levels. The higher the number or letter rating, the greater the protection provided. This allows the wearer or health and safety professional to choose a set of gloves with a performance rating that is best suited for the environment and task at hand.

With all that said, throw on your virtual lab coat and follow along as we take you through EN 388: 2016 work glove performance testing.