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How to buy brand gloves from china via online shop

July 17, 2022293 Viewskimyuan

Many businesses have found out that importing products from China has been a great strategy for their business. China has opened the door to many small businesses to leverage their low-cost manufacturing offerings,and allow people to get the best products for the cheapest process. The Asian giants make a ton of money, billions of dollars off exporting products to different countries in the world, and it seems like that trend might not stop anytime soon. The wide variety of products that you can buy from Chian also makes the country reliable for importation.

As a result, you can get all kinds of gloves from the Chinese market but the issue is how to get them, especially for new buyers. There are different ways through which you can buy gloves from China, you just have to explore the best fit for you and your business.

Therefore, how do i buy gloves from china,this article will look at 7 seven ways that you can buy Hight quality brand gloves from China without any issues.

Trade Fairs

This is one of the most exciting ways you can get gloves from China, because of the festivities that come with trade fairs. There is really no business that imports gloves or any other product through trade fairs in China that does not know about the Canton Fair. This event is one of the most memorable times in the Chinese calendar and it is held in Guangzhou twice a year. So, if you are looking to buy different gloves for the most affordable prices, you can target April or May, and November. These are the times the Canton fair holds. Believe us when we say that you get to see a plethora of options for the gloves you want.

You could also attend the global sources trade show that is organized annually. One intriguing aspect of both trade fairs and exhibitions is that they are absolutely free. However, you will need to prepare for hotels, clothes, and feeding among other things.

Chinese Markets

Most people enjoy going to Chinese wholesale markets like the Yiwu market because they are always open all through the year. So, instead of waiting for the trade fairs, you can go to the Yiwu market and other wholesale markets where you can get the most affordable yet quality gloves. However, we advise you to check out the Yiwu market, it is the largest wholesale market. However, you have to be careful when you are buying gloves from these types of markets. This is because there may be fake gloves so you have to be sure of the ones you want.

Online Order

This is the most popular way of getting gloves from China because not many people have the time or the resources to travel to China. Therefore, they would prefer to order the gloves from Chinese suppliers that are available online. There are some notable suppliers that can provide you with the best products at affordable prices, some are as follows:

All you need to do is to search for the type of gloves that you are looking for and follow the prompts to place your order. However, the time for delivery may vary based on your location and other factors that would be stated as you place the order.

Make adequate Enquiries and be specific with your order

One important rule that veteran importers will give you is to ask the necessary questions or if you are not sure of anything, just ask. For example, there are some suppliers that have Minimum Order Quantities (MOQ) of 1000 units. So, to avoid any complications, ask them about the MOQs and also state all the specifications for the gloves you want to buy. Are you looking for medical, work, and safety gloves? Do you have a particular color in mind? As much as you need to ask questions when you find a supplier, you need to state all the specifications and not assume that the supplier will get your order.

Get a Customs agent

If you want to use a direct supplier then, the processes can be extremely stressful especially if this is your first time buying gloves from China. This is because you will have to negotiate terms with the supplier, think about trade assurance, and take care of shipping. All these and more can be a huge strain for you if you just started buying gloves from China. A customs agent can help you take care of the process and even expedite the process since they have experience and there is no language barrier.

Okay, your next question will definitely be how do you hire a customs agent? You can connect to other small businesses that import from China and get in touch with their customs agent. This will help as you already have someone that other people trust.

Through a relative

This might be the unlikeliest way to buy gloves from China, however, people use their relatives or friends that are in the country. For example, if you have a friend or family member coming back home, it is possible that they can help you buy the gloves that you need. You will just negotiate how you will pay and wait till the person comes back home. However, this might prove to be a long wait period unless you find someone that is coming to your location really soon.


Depending on the urgency and resources that you have, you can choose from these methods to buy gloves from China. As long as it is best for you and your business then you can opt for it. However, for any of these options, you have to be careful. First, be sure that you get quality, some people request a sample as pictures may not suffice. Also, there are different scammers because many people import gloves and other products from China. Therefore, be sure that you have the right people, talk to people that have experience importing from China so they can guide you on what to do.