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Do you know the development history of medical gloves?

September 2, 2022280 Viewskimyuan

In 1889, The First Pair of Thin Natural Latex Gloves Came Out

Did you know that various PVC, latex and nitrile disposable gloves on the market actually have a long and complicated history of development.

In 1889, the first pair of thin natural latex gloves came out, which also means that the first pair of medical gloves was born in the 1890s, mainly for doctors and nurses. In 1889, because the head nurse needed frequent contact with disinfectant, her skin was allergic and inflamed, and she could not continue to work. Surgery professor made latex gloves for her in New York, which well isolated the damage of disinfectant to her hands. Since then, medical gloves have entered the medical field, and more and more nurses and doctors have begun to wear medical gloves.

In 1899, Gloves Made Surgical Treatment Less Infectious

In 1899, Bradgood published an article listing 450 cases of hernia operations. After disinfection, the infection rate of surgical treatment is greatly reduced by wearing gloves, and wearing latex gloves has gradually become the practice of medical workers.

However, latex gloves can cause allergies to some people and the early latex gloves are easy to stick and difficult to wear. At the end of the 19th century, manufacturers added talc and lycopodium spore powder to the inner layer of the gloves to solve the problem of latex gloves being difficult to wear. At the same time, new hidden dangers are also prone to appear. These two powders are prone to cause wound infection. As the main production areas of natural latex are concentrated in Southeast Asia, the growth cycle of rubber trees limits production, and the natural latex “supply exceeds demand”, and the price of raw materials rises. In order to cope with the shortage of natural latex, many countries have begun to develop synthetic rubber materials. In 1926, PVC rubber was synthesized into gloves in the United States, making PVC a softer and easier-to-process material, which brought good news to medical workers.

The Origin Of Nitrile Gloves

In 1931, Germany took the lead in producing nitrile rubber, a material that changed the disposable gloves industry – nitrile rubber was born. After a long wait, nitrile was gradually widely used in the field of gloves in 1991, becoming the disposable nitrile gloves we commonly use now. What are disposable nitrile gloves? Disposable nitrile gloves are safety protective gloves made of nitrile rubber material. Disposable nitrile gloves can be used in laboratories and have a certain protective effect against chemical splashes. They can also be used in oily environments to resist oily hands. corrosion. The raw materials of the gloves are synthesized from petroleum extracts such as butadiene and acrylonitrile, which belong to unnatural protozoa.

Unexpectedly, the evolution history of our medical gloves is so wonderful. Welcome to leave a message below to discuss.