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The Company to smooth, punctual, security as the standard, the import and export of goods to the customer designated port or warehouse. Overseas customers receive the goods, do not have to pay the money to the company's account, the manufacturer to recover their own money. Valet received foreign exchange, according to the day the price immediately return!

If the goods in the process of customs clearance requirements of the goods, if the customer provided to the company's information and the actual loading does not meet the responsibility of the customer, but the company will try to help customers with the Customs and Excise Department to deal with.


oreign trade export products Main:

leather handbags, labor insurance gloves, anti-cutting gloves, barbecue gloves, locomotives (leather, sheepskin, deerskin) gloves, touch gloves, winter warm gloves and so on. Is an independent procurement of raw materials, design and production processing companies. At present, mainly in Shijiazhuang, Hebei has built more than 1,000 square meters of production plants, 300 employees.